Interior Point Workshop LP Instances

These instances have been collected for the Matheon Workshop on
"Perspectives in Interior Point Methods for Solving Linear Programs"
held at ZIB on January, 31st 2008.

They are all integer programming models with the integrality constraints dropped.
NameVariablesConstraintsNon ZerosDescription
zib0112,471,4005,887,04149,877,768Group Channel Routing on a 3D Grid Graph (Chip-Bus-Routing)
zib0237,709,9449,049,868146,280,582Group Channel Routing on a 3D Grid Graph (different model)
zib0329,128,79919,731,970104,422,573Steiner-Tree-Packing on a 3D Grid Graph
zib0437,4237,433,54369,004,977Integrated WLAN Transmitter Selection and Channel Assignment
zib059,253,2659,808349,424,637Duty Scheduling with base constraints

All instances with the exception of zib05 are already preprocessed by CPLEX 11.

As of March 16th, 2008, it was not possible to solve zib03 on a 256 GB machine with either CPLEX, MOSEK, or BPMPD.

The logs directory contains some log files from different solvers. The logs are not complete, and the times are not comparable.

In case you have questions or can solve zib03 to optimality please contact Thorsten Koch


Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[DIR] logs/ 16-Mar-2008 19:37 - [   ] zib01.mps.gz 16-Mar-2008 11:56 255M MPS format instance [   ] zib02.mps.gz 15-Mar-2008 11:59 882M MPS format instance [   ] zib03.mps.gz 15-Mar-2008 12:00 620M MPS format instance [   ] zib04.mps.gz 25-Jan-2008 11:49 258M MPS format instance [   ] zib05.mps.gz 25-Jan-2008 11:43 1.1G MPS format instance