Set Partitioning Instances

These are set partitioning instances contributed by Steffen Weider resulting from a column generation algorithm used for optimization problem in public transportation.

All instances are assumed to have there integer optimum within 3 percent of the LP relaxation optimum.

Icon  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description
[   ] ivu06-big.mps.gz 22-Feb-2005 20:50 83M MPS format instance [   ] ivu06.mps.gz 22-Feb-2005 20:50 30M MPS format instance [   ] rvb-sub.mps.gz 22-Feb-2005 17:58 3.1M MPS format instance [   ] ivu59.mps.gz 22-Feb-2005 17:58 124M MPS format instance [   ] ivu52.mps.gz 22-Feb-2005 17:57 9.7M MPS format instance