(()) MIPLIB 3.0


January 1996

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o The MIPLIB 3.0 Problem Set as a compressed tar file
o MIPLIB Problem Set:
o 10teams
o air03
o air04
o air05
o arki001
o bell3a
o bell5
o blend2
o cap6000
o dano3mip
o danoint
o dcmulti
o dsbmip
o egout
o enigma
o fast0507
o fiber
o fixnet6
o flugpl
o gen
o gesa2
o gesa2_o
o gesa3
o gesa3_o
o gt2
o harp2
o khb05250
o l152lav
o lseu
o markshare1
o markshare2
o mas74
o mas76
o misc03
o misc06
o misc07
o mitre
o mod008
o mkc
o mod010
o mod011
o modglob
o noswot
o nw04
o p0033
o p0201
o p0282
o p0548
o p2756
o pk1
o pp08a
o pp08aCUTS
o qiu
o qnet1
o qnet1_o
o rentacar
o rgn
o rout
o set1ch
o seymour
o stein27
o stein45
o swath
o vpm1
o vpm2
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