infeasible feasibility indicator numerics aggregations precedence variable_bound set_partitioning set_covering cardinality invariant_knapsack integer_knapsack general_linear

Submitter Variables Constraints Density Status Group Objective MPS File
Gleb Belov 50859 92792 4.94077e-05 easy oocsp-racks Infeasible oocsp-racks030f7cci.mps.gz

These are the instances from MiniZinc Challenges 2012-2016 (see www.minizinc.org), compiled for MIP WITH INDICATOR CONSTRAINTS using the develop branch of MiniZinc and CPLEX 12.7.1 on 30 April 2017. Thus, these instances can only be handled by solvers accepting indicator constraints. For instances compiled with big-M/domain decomposition only, see my previous submission to MIPLIB. To recompile, create a directory MODELS, a list lst12_16.txt of the instances with full paths to mzn/dzn files of each instance per line, and say $> ~/install/libmzn/tests/benchmarking/mzn-test.py -l ../lst12_16.txt –slvPrf MZN-CPLEX –debug 1 –addOption “–timeout 3 -D fIndConstr=true -D fMIPdomains=false” –useJoinedName “–writeModel MODELS_IND/%s.mps” Alternatively, you can compile individual instance as follows: $> mzn-cplex -v -s -G linear –output-time ../challenge_2012_2016/mznc2016_probs/zephyrus/zephyrus.mzn ../challenge_2012_2016/mznc2016_p/zephyrus/14__8__6__3.dzn -a –timeout 3 -D fIndConstr=true -D fMIPdomains=false –writeModel MODELS_IND/challenge_2012_2016mznc2016_probszephyruszephyrusmzn-challenge_2012_2016mznc2016_probszephyrus14__8__6__3dzn.mps

Instance Statistics

Detailed explanation of the following tables can be found here.

Size Related Properties
Original Presolved
Variables 50859 49173
Constraints 92792 91312
Binaries 32779 31485
Integers 18080 17688
Continuous 0 0
Implicit Integers 11460 11275
Fixed Variables 1321 0
Nonzero Density 4.94077e-05 5.12681e-05
Nonzeroes 233170 230198
Constraint Classification Properties
Original Presolved
Total 81332 80187
Empty 0 0
Free 0 0
Singleton 0 120
Aggregations 5766 5766
Precedence 27769 27049
Variable Bound 17370 16830
Set Partitioning 150 150
Set Packing 0 0
Set Covering 0 4470
Cardinality 1740 1740
Invariant Knapsack 23775 19305
Equation Knapsack 0 0
Bin Packing 0 0
Knapsack 0 0
Integer Knapsack 7 6
Mixed Binary 0 0
General Linear 4755 4751
Indicator 11460 11460


Available nonzero structure and decomposition information. Further information can be found here.

value min median mean max
Constraint %
Variable %

Best Known Solution(s)

No solution available for oocsp-racks030f7cci .

Similar instances in collection

The following instances are most similar to oocsp-racks030f7cci in the collection. This similarity analysis is based on 100 scaled instance features describing properties of the variables, objective function, bounds, constraints, and right hand sides.

Instance Status Variables Binaries Integers Continuous Constraints Nonz. Submitter Group Objective Tags
oocsp-racks030e6cci easy 50862 32783 18079 0 92737 232944 Gleb Belov oocsp-racks 0 feasibility indicator numerics aggregations precedence variable_bound set_partitioning set_covering cardinality invariant_knapsack integer_knapsack general_linear
rpp22falsei easy 25462 10276 15056 130 33269 56547 Gleb Belov rpp 0 feasibility indicator numerics aggregations precedence variable_bound set_partitioning set_covering invariant_knapsack mixed_binary general_linear
mspsphard03i easy 32266 18603 13663 0 56333 114618 Gleb Belov mspsp 30 indicator numerics aggregations precedence variable_bound set_packing set_covering invariant_knapsack binpacking knapsack mixed_binary general_linear
gfd-schedulen180f7d50m30k18 easy 227535 192408 2025 33102 457985 1233372 Gleb Belov gfd-schedule 1 benchmark feasibility benchmark_suitable aggregations precedence variable_bound set_partitioning cardinality invariant_knapsack mixed_binary general_linear
gfd-schedulen25f5d20m10k3i easy 30916 14783 14556 1577 47093 88245 Gleb Belov gfd-schedule 5 indicator numerics aggregations precedence variable_bound set_partitioning set_packing cardinality invariant_knapsack equation_knapsack mixed_binary general_linear


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