This page reports on all changes to the instance data and web page since the release of MIPLIB 2017.




  • version 1.0.2 of the test scripts that contain a download script for the benchmark instances
  • new fixFile feature for the solution checker
  • improved documentation

Solu File Version 9


Solu File Version 8


MIPLIB Benchmark Set Version 2

Version 2 of the benchmark set contains again 240 instances. The update is necessary because two instances are no longer considered benchmark-suitable due to critical numerics and inconsistent solver behavior. So as to ensure a balanced feature and performance coverage, 5 instances have been exchanged in total. The new instances are air05, neos-2987310-joes, app1-1, rococoC10-001000, and piperout-27 which replace n9-3, toll-like, rococoC11-011100, neos-5075914-elvire (now tagged with numerics tag), neos-3754224-navua (now tagged with numerics tag).

Solu File Version 7

  • feasible solution for previously infeasible neos-3754224-navua found. This instance is now open again. Due to this numerically critical behavior, the instance is no longer considered benchmark-suitable and has been removed from the benchmark set. It is open again.
  • bmocbd2 moved from open to easy, was solved in a few seconds with FiberXpress. Still needs to be checked with Soplex
  • elitserienhandball11i moved from open to hard, was solved in 9507s with FiberXpress
  • elitserienhandball13i moved from open to hard, was solved in 5500s with FiberXpress
  • elitserienhandball14i moved from open to hard, was solved in 8774s with FiberXpress
  • elitserienhandball3i moved from open to hard, was solved in 9483s with FiberXpress
  • neos-2294525-abba moved from open to hard, was solved in 5185s with FiberXress


Solu File Version 6

  • fhnw-sq3 and neos-952987 moved from open to hard as both were proven infeasible by custom approaches, see the description for more information.
  • first solution reported for feasibility instance pythago7824, moved from open to hard.
  • rococoC11-010100 reported solved, moved from open to hard
  • best known solution for f2000 added, instance remains open


Solu File Version 5

  • ds moved from open to hard because it had been originally solved as part of MIPLIB2003.
  • opm2-z12-s8 moved from open to hard because it was reported solved by three solvers independently.
  • gen-ip016 moved from open to easy.

  • improved incumbent solutions for kottenpark09, liu, dlr2.

Other changes

  • downloadable model files extended by an OPL model and data for liu provided by Ed Klotz.


Solu File Version 4

  • cvs16r128-89 moved from hard to easy because it can be solved with default GCG/SoPlex in about 2000 sec.
  • neos-3214367-sovi moved from open to hard because it was reported solved after 21 days with four restarted runs of ParaXpress.
  • neos-3631363-vilnia moved from open to hard because it was reported infeasible by ParaSCIP in 4632 sec, confirmed by ParaXpress.
  • neos-3211096-shag moved from open to hard because it was reported infeasible by ParaSCIP in 42484 sec and confirmed using ParaXpress.

  • first feasible solution reported for kottenpark09

  • improved incumbent solutions for ramos3 from 220 to 195.

Instance Updates



Solu File Version 3

Solu File Version 2


  • version 1.0.1 of the test scripts that fix a conversion issue between CPLEX XML SOL format and the Solution checker format

Bibliography and Other Data

  • add bibliography for academictimetablebig and academictimetablesmall
  • update bibliography of submissions by Sascha Kurz and Daniel Heinlein.
  • update descriptions of instances in the group ‘genus’.
  • add model data for the instance group ‘seqsolve’.
  • update bibliography for the group ‘8div’.
  • show objective as ‘INFEASIBLE’/‘UNBOUNDED’ also on single instance pages.

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